World app without Orb - verification not confirmed

In the world app, there seems to be a new update that has caught the attention of users. Those who are using the app with Orb have no issues with verification, but for those without Orb, things are not so smooth.

When attempting to verify the app without Orb, users are greeted with a message stating "verification not confirmed". This has left many users confused and frustrated. While it is still unclear why this is happening, some speculate that it could be a bug within the latest update.

One user mentioned in a video transcript, "So in the world app, if you just go and try to verify it with Orb or something like that, if you just want to try without Orb, you can go and try it out. But then you will see this verification not confirmed. So that's what's happening right now." It is evident that users are facing this issue while trying to authenticate the app without Orb.

The video transcript also suggests that users should try again if they are using the app with Orb. It is believed that verification should work seamlessly for those who have Orb. However, for those without Orb, it might not be possible to complete the verification process.

The lack of a clear explanation or solution from the app developers has frustrated users who are left wondering what steps they can take to resolve this issue. Some users have taken to online forums to express their concerns and seek assistance from others who may have encountered a similar problem.

While it is difficult to provide a definitive solution without more information from the developers, it is advisable for affected users to contact the app's support team. Reporting the issue and providing specific details about the problem can help the developers identify and address the bug more efficiently.

In the world of apps and software, occasional glitches and bugs are not uncommon. It is the responsibility of developers to rectify these issues promptly and effectively. Users, on the other hand, must exercise patience and reach out to the appropriate support channels to seek resolution.

As of now, the verification issue remains unresolved for users without Orb in the world app. Until the developers release an update or provide clear instructions, it is advisable for affected users to either seek assistance or consider alternative authentication methods.

In conclusion, the "verification not confirmed" issue in the world app without Orb has become a cause of concern for users. The lack of clarity and solution from the developers has left many frustrated. It is recommended for affected users to contact the app's support team for assistance and to report the issue with as much detail as possible. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the developers to address and resolve this bug in a timely manner.

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