World coin next grant - is not showing for me…

WorldCoin Next Grant, what is happening? Here in the top, you can see that this notification is not showing anymore, and people are freaking out that there will be no more WorldCoin Grants on their Reddit. There are a bunch of threads where people are expressing their concern about this development, questioning what is happening as the timer disappeared three days ago. Currently, there is no official explanation provided regarding this issue.

Possible scenarios that have been discussed include WorldCoin potentially pausing their grants to restructure them. Some speculate that the grants may be altered, possibly becoming bigger or smaller. It remains unclear what changes will be made, but it seems evident that modifications are on the horizon. This uncertainty arises from the recent spike in the price of WorldCoin.

One plausible explanation put forward is that the absence of the grant notifications could be attributed to a glitch or bug in the app. While acknowledging that the app has been somewhat glitchy, the exact cause of the notification disappearance remains uncertain. It is also suggested that perhaps the grants may be temporarily paused, with the potential for adjustments such as reducing the number of grants per month or altering the amount of WorldCoin provided in each grant.

The speculation surrounding these developments stems from concerns about the rapid increase in WorldCoin's price. It is plausible that measures are being taken to prevent a mass withdrawal of WorldCoin, which could potentially lead to a sharp decline in the Coin's value. Consequently, it is likely that some adjustments will be made to the WorldCoin Grant system to address these concerns and maintain the stability of the currency.

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