WORLD ID overview - after Orb verification

After Orb verification, users can get a glimpse of how World ID looks. Upon verification with Orb, World ID takes on a specific appearance. Users will notice a World ID button located at the bottom of their tab interface. This button serves as a gateway to various features related to verified accounts.

World ID allows users to claim grants and access reserved grants conveniently. This feature enhances the user experience by providing easy access to valuable privileges. The platform also introduces World chain, along with the ability to validate mobile devices seamlessly.

Furthermore, users may encounter additional benefits, such as receiving a share of World Coin. These supplementary coins may further enhance the user's digital assets. The overall concept behind World ID is to streamline the verification process and provide users with a seamless way to access benefits and features.

In conclusion, World ID, coupled with Orb verification, offers users a simplified and efficient method to claim grants, access reserved benefits, and potentially earn additional digital assets. This integration aims to enhance the user experience and make the verification process more user-friendly.

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