Worldcoin app is back up again. Capacity issue is gone - you can claim grants again

The Worldcoin app, which experienced a capacity issue for the past few days, is now back up and running smoothly. Users can once again claim grants without any problems or service interruptions.

For a span of two to three days, the Worldcoin app displayed a message stating that it was at capacity, causing inconvenience for users. However, it seems that the issue has now been resolved, and the app is fully functional.

It is worth noting that while the app was experiencing capacity issues, users were unable to claim their grants. This temporary setback lasted for at least four days, from Sunday through Thursday. But the good news is that users can now resume claiming their well-deserved grants.

Even if you missed out on claiming some grants during the period when the app was down, there is no need to worry. The app is now fully operational, and you can still claim any grants that you may have missed. It's reassuring to see that there are still a lot of reservations available, ensuring that users will have plenty of opportunities to claim their grants.

In conclusion, the Worldcoin app is back up and running, with the capacity issue resolved. Users can now confidently claim their grants and take advantage of the benefits offered by the app.

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