Worldcoin app “Your grant day has changed”

In the Worldcoin app, users have recently been met with a message stating, "Your grant day has changed." This update indicates a shift in the availability of grants, moving from being accessible every Monday to now being accessible every Wednesday. This alteration is set to affect the schedule for new grants moving forward:

  • Going forward, new grants will be available every other Wednesday instead of every other Monday.

It appears that this adjustment has left some users puzzled about the implications for grant availability and timing. The message leaves room for ambiguity, prompting questions about the exact timing and availability of new grants.

Upon closer examination, it seems that this change may be more of an adjustment rather than grants disappearing altogether. Users may notice that while the grant availability day has shifted, the grants themselves remain unchanged.

The sudden alteration in grant availability could suggest either enhancements to the app's functionality or potential technical issues causing a change in the distribution schedule. Users are advised to stay informed about further updates from the Worldcoin app to gain clarity on the evolving grant distribution process.

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