Worldcoin “Grant claiming extended” - what is it?

In the world of Worldcoin, users are buzzing about the news of the extended grant claiming period. This new feature has left many curious about what exactly is going on with the platform. The delay in granting has been pushed back by two weeks for all users, citing a significant maintenance issue on the blockchain as the cause.

The timeline for grant claiming is set to resume on March 25th, and will continue on a bi-weekly basis as originally intended by the project. With the upcoming restart, users are anticipating the arrival of a new grant by the designated date. However, there is speculation among users about the possibility of a shift from the Optimism Network to Ethereum, adding an element of uncertainty to the situation.

Amidst these changes, users have noticed a series of updates within the app, suggesting a period of transition and transformation. Currently, the countdown for the next grant stands at 16 days, reflecting the recent adjustment in the schedule. Despite the temporary setback of the two-week delay, users are awaiting further clarification on the unfolding developments within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

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