Worldcoin grant expired - what you can do?

Worldcoin grant expires, leaving many wondering what can be done in this situation. If you missed the opportunity to claim the grant within the specified deadline, the grant simply expires, making it impossible to claim it afterward. Once expired, the grant vanishes from view, leaving no recourse for late claimants.

It appears that there is a set deadline for claiming the grant, like the upcoming date of March 11th as an example. It is crucial to ensure that the claim is submitted before this deadline to secure the grant successfully. Failure to meet this deadline means the grant will expire, and there is no provision for claiming expired grants at a later date.

If you have encountered similar experiences or have insights to share on dealing with expired grants, your input is valuable. However, based on current knowledge, it seems that claiming an expired grant is not a viable option, emphasizing the importance of acting promptly within the stipulated timeframe.

In sum, the expiration of the Worldcoin grant highlights the significance of timing and adherence to deadlines when claiming such opportunities. Remember, once the deadline passes, the chance to claim the grant diminishes, making it crucial to act swiftly to secure the benefit.

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