WorldCoin grants - how often are they? When is the next grant?

WorldCoin Grants - How Often Are They? When Is the Next Grant?

WorldCoin grants are a significant attraction for users of the World app, providing an opportunity to acquire digital currency for free. But how often are these grants released, and when can users expect the next one? Let's delve into the details.

According to a recent video transcript, WorldCoin grants are issued every seven days. The exact number of grants in each distribution cycle remains unspecified, but the process to acquire them is relatively simple. Interested individuals only need to create an account and reserve the grants. The last grant was released on 7 August, with the upcoming one scheduled for 14 August. This consistent weekly schedule allows users to anticipate and plan their participation accordingly.

It is important to note that residents have a limited timeframe to reserve these grants. Once released, users have seven days to secure their share. Failing to do so means forfeiting the grant, and only the next grant will be available for reservation. This time constraint adds a sense of urgency to the process, encouraging prompt action from users who wish to benefit from the WorldCoin grants.

To participate in the WorldCoin grants, interested individuals need to download the World app and create an account. Enabling notifications is crucial to ensure users receive timely updates regarding the availability of grants. Additionally, it is essential to back up one's account to prevent any potential loss of data or funds.

Another important consideration is the verification process with Orb. While creating an account and reserving the grant do not require verification, users will need to verify their World ID with Orb if they wish to withdraw their funds or claim their grants. This extra step in the process ensures the security and legitimacy of the transactions. However, individuals who only wish to reserve the grant have a one-year window to complete the verification with Orb. This flexibility provides users with ample time to complete the necessary steps.

In conclusion, WorldCoin grants offer an exciting opportunity to obtain digital currency at no cost. Released every seven days, these grants require prompt action from users, allowing them only seven days to reserve their share. By following the necessary steps to download the World app, creating an account, enabling notifications, and optionally verifying their World ID with Orb, users can maximize their chances of benefiting from these grants. So, seize the opportunity and start exploring the possibilities of the WorldCoin grants today!

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