Worldcoin Next Grant is not showing - thoughts

WorldCoin NEXT grant is not showing, prompting concerns among users. Reports on Reddit indicate that users are experiencing issues with the timer to claim tokens disappearing from the WorldCoin app. This has led to confusion and speculation about what might have caused this unexpected change.

Users from various countries have voiced similar experiences, noting that the timer, which previously indicated the countdown to the NEXT grant, has suddenly vanished. Some users reported seeing the timer just a day before, only for it to disappear without explanation. The lack of official communication from the WorldCoin team has left users guessing about the situation.

The sudden disappearance of the NEXT grant timer has raised questions about what may be happening behind the scenes. The absence of clear updates from WorldCoin has fueled speculation about the possible reasons for this development.

Possible scenarios being considered include:

  • Technical glitch in the app: Given the app's reputation for being buggy, some users speculate that the disappearance of the timer could be attributed to a technical issue.
  • Pause or disablement of grants: There are concerns that WorldCoin may have decided to halt or disable the grant feature, which would be a disappointing outcome for users relying on this benefit.
  • Revision of the grant system: Another theory posits that WorldCoin might be reconsidering the grant structure, possibly to adjust the amount of tokens distributed or introduce changes in response to market fluctuations.

The uncertainty surrounding the situation has left many hoping for clarity on March 12th, which is the scheduled date for the NEXT grant. The upcoming announcement is expected to shed light on the fate of the grant program, providing answers to the community's questions and concerns.

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