Worldcoin next grant not showing anymore - what it can be?

WorldCoin users have recently reported that the next grant notification is no longer appearing on the WorldApp. Concern has been expressed on Reddit, with users noting that the countdown timer for claiming tokens has disappeared. This has led to speculation among the community about the reasons behind this development.

Several possible scenarios have been discussed regarding the disappearance of the grant notifications:

  1. The possibility that new grants have been completely disabled.
  2. The potential that new grants have been temporarily paused without proper notification.
  3. The idea that the grant structure may be undergoing changes due to market dynamics such as price spikes and the ongoing Bitcoin rally. This could involve adjustments in the quantity of WorldCoins distributed per grant to incentivize holding rather than selling.
  4. The likelihood of technical glitches within the app, which is known to have some bugs.

To address these uncertainties, WorldCoin users are advised to update their WorldApp to ensure they are on the latest version, currently version 269. This may potentially resolve any issues related to the missing grant notifications.

The community is eagerly anticipating March 12th, as this is when the next grant in WorldCoin is scheduled to occur. If there are no new grants on this date, it will prompt further speculation about the future of grants within the platform. Communication from WorldCoin regarding these developments is crucial in providing clarity and reassurance to users.

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