Worldcoin NEXT GRANT NOT SHOWING - will there be new WLD grants?

Worldcoin users have recently reported that the next grant feature is not showing up on the platform. This absence has sparked speculation and raised concerns among the community members about the future of Worldcoin grants. Typically, users would be able to see a notification bar on the top part of the screen indicating the countdown to the next grant, but for the past 2-3 days, this feature has been missing.

The latest grant that users were able to reserve was scheduled for February 26, with a deadline of March 11. The uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of the next grant notification has led to various hypotheses. Some believe it could be a temporary pause in granting new tokens, while others speculate it might be a technical bug since the Worldcoin app is known to have occasional glitches.

Upon checking community forums like Reddit, users are finding minimal information or recent discussions surrounding the missing next grant feature. The absence of a countdown timer for the next grant has left many users in confusion, with no concrete explanation provided by the Worldcoin community.

Some users are also facing issues with redeeming previous grants, further adding to the mystery surrounding the current situation. It's unclear whether this is a deliberate move by Worldcoin to prevent mass withdrawals in light of recent market trends or if it's a technical issue that will be resolved in due course.

The lack of clarity has left many users wondering about the future of new grants on Worldcoin. Speculations range from the possibility of a temporary pause to the potential discontinuation of grant features altogether. Users are advised to stay tuned until March 12 for any updates or announcements regarding the next grant on the platform.

The uncertainty surrounding the availability of future grants has left the Worldcoin community on edge. As the app faces technical challenges and users experience difficulties with claiming grants, it remains to be seen whether these issues will be resolved promptly or if they signal a more significant shift in Worldcoin's grant distribution strategy. All eyes are now on March 12 for further developments on this matter.

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