Worldcoin “No backup found” - what to do?

Worldcoin users may encounter a concerning message stating "No backup found" when attempting to restore their account. This typically means that automatic backups were not enabled for the Worldcoin account, either through iCloud or locally. When faced with this issue, users might feel stuck without the option to restore from a backup. However, there are steps that can be taken to address this situation.

To troubleshoot the "No backup found" error message, users should first verify if they indeed performed a backup. It is essential to check if the backup was connected to the correct iCloud account or saved locally. If no backup is found, there are still alternative methods to restore the account.

If a phone number was linked to the Worldcoin app, users can log in by entering their password and proceed to restore the account without a backup. Even in cases where the password is forgotten, a password reset can be initiated by receiving a text message on the linked phone number.

However, users who did not have their phone number associated with the Worldcoin app beforehand may face limitations in restoring their accounts without a backup. At present, this option may not be available without a linked phone number.

In summary, the "No backup found" message in Worldcoin can be addressed by ensuring backups are enabled and verifying the connection to the correct accounts. Alternatively, having a phone number associated with the app can provide additional options for account restoration. It is crucial to take proactive steps to prevent such issues and safeguard account data effectively.

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