Worldcoin timer is gone - what is going on?

The WorldCoin timer has disappeared, leaving users puzzled and seeking answers. The issue was first raised on the official WorldCoin subreddit, with users reporting that the timer to claim tokens has vanished without explanation. This unexpected development has left many wondering about the cause behind the disappearance.

Those affected have taken to various online platforms to voice their concerns. Users have noted the absence of the countdown timer in the top section of the app, specifically in the GRANDSTAB area. People from different parts of the world, including Portugal, Japan, Spain, and Denmark, have reported facing the same challenge, indicating that this is not a localized issue but rather a widespread one.

Speculations abound regarding the possible reasons for the timer's disappearance. Some users have suggested that it could be a technical glitch, pointing to the app's history of being prone to bugs and inconsistencies. Others have raised the possibility that WorldCoin may have halted or modified its grant distribution process, given the absence of new grant deadlines beyond March 11th.

Amidst the uncertainty, users have floated theories about potential adjustments to the token distribution mechanism. Speculation ranges from scaling down the number of grants to maintaining the status quo, albeit with changes in frequency or quantity. Without official communication from the WorldCoin team, users are left to conjecture about the fate of the grants and the implications for the platform's future.

The lack of transparency and communication from WorldCoin has compounded users' frustrations. The absence of notifications or updates further underscores the app's erratic performance and the challenges users face in obtaining timely information. While the situation continues to unfold, many are eagerly awaiting clarity on the status of the grants and the future direction of the WorldCoin platform.

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