Worldcoin verification WITHOUT ORB - NOT POSSIBLE, but TRY THIS

Worldcoin verification without Orb is unfortunately not possible. Despite efforts to explore alternatives and seek assistance on Reddit, the process remains unattainable. The scarcity of orbs around the world presents a major challenge, restricting access to only a limited number of locations.

Reasons for this limitation stem from legal scrutiny and government regulations, particularly concerning ID verification and biometric data collection. The Worldcoin app's promise of expanding orb availability by autumn 2023 has not materialized, leaving users with few options.

Here are some potential strategies to consider:

  1. Wait for developments: While a passive approach, it's possible that technical and legal hurdles may be resolved in the future. Monitoring the situation could lead to increased orb availability.
  2. Apply to become an orb operator: Taking a more proactive stance, individuals can submit an application within the app to potentially operate an orb. However, this route may pose significant challenges.
  3. Travel to the nearest orb location: For those willing to embark on a journey, identifying the closest orb location and making travel arrangements may provide access. However, logistical and financial considerations must be factored in.

Assessing the feasibility of each option is crucial, especially considering the costs involved. While traveling to orb locations in regions like Europe may offer more accessible routes, regions such as India or the US present additional obstacles.

Ultimately, determining the cost-benefit analysis of pursuing Worldcoin verification through Orb is essential. Evaluating potential gains against expenses, including travel and accommodation, can help users make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances.

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