Worldcoin WELCOME GRANT - what is it

Worldcoin recently introduced the Worldcoin WELCOME GRANT, and many are asking: What is it? In a recent video transcript, a user explained that the grant is rewarded when you verify with ORB. The grant is typically received within a few minutes, around 30 minutes after verification. Here are some key points about the Worldcoin WELCOME GRANT:

  • The grant consists of approximately 10 coins, though the exact amount may vary based on the current value of Worldcoin in the market.
  • To receive the grant, you need to verify your account with ORB.
  • Unlike some other grants, the Worldcoin WELCOME GRANT is not reserved; it is instantly claimable once you meet the verification requirements.
  • If you encounter any issues with previously reserved grants, it's important to note that this grant operates differently and can be claimed immediately after verification.

This program aims to incentivize users to engage with the Worldcoin platform by providing them with a welcome grant upon completion of the verification process. By offering instant claimability and a straightforward verification process, Worldcoin hopes to attract and retain users who are interested in participating in the platform's ecosystem.

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