Worldcoin withdrawal WITHOUT ORB VERIFICATION - not possible at this moment… what you can do

WorldCoin withdrawal without ORB verification is currently not possible, as highlighted in a recent video transcript. The difficulty lies in the limited availability of ORBs, creating frustration for users looking to access their WorldCoin funds without the verification process. The inability to order ORBs online, coupled with their scarcity in various locations, poses challenges for individuals seeking to carry out withdrawals seamlessly.

The situation is further complicated by the lack of clarity surrounding the reasons behind the limited ORB distribution. Whether it pertains to legal constraints or technical issues remains uncertain. This predicament forces users to explore alternative solutions to access their WorldCoin balances efficiently.

In the video transcript, two strategies are proposed for addressing the issue at hand:

  1. Wait for ORB Expansion:
  • The prospect of WorldCoin expanding ORB verifications to more countries and locations offers hope for users awaiting a resolution. However, previous promises of increased ORB availability have not materialized as anticipated, leading to skepticism among users.
  1. Consider Traveling to Access ORBs:
  • For users facing urgent withdrawal needs, traveling to locations with available ORBs may be a viable albeit costly option. Assessing the financial implications of such a journey is crucial in determining its feasibility, especially when considering expenses like flight tickets.

The time sensitivity of WorldCoin grants adds another layer of complexity to the situation. Grants issued by WorldCoin come with a 365-day redemption window, after which they expire, potentially resulting in financial losses for users failing to claim their grants in time.

While uncertainty surrounds the potential extension of grant durations by WorldCoin, users are urged to develop a strategic approach based on their individual circumstances. Whether opting to wait for expanded ORB availability or considering travel for withdrawals, careful consideration of the associated costs and risks is imperative in making an informed decision.

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