hello everyone so there is a new viral app which is called world world so uh there is wardle app and this is a new interesting app where people try to guess a country or territory based on a picture of a map in the game world which is a new take on the wild brain desert game world this run has been yeah so like this is a new game so this is a complete depth game from wordle [Music] so yep you are given a map of a country territory if you get it wrong it will tell you how close you are and give you the direction and distance from the right answer so here is the website so for example this maybe it's australia okay so it's uh 14 000 kilometers from australia then maybe it's check here okay so i guessed this one yay so now i can share the result and then i can also see it on the uh i can see it on google maps like where is exactly this territory is located and then you can just see it yeah that's its european country located here so that's the idea and then if i just want to share copied results to clipboard and then yep um okay i'll just open this up in in safari but um yep and then i just want to share it so yup something like this um that's the interesting app interesting approach it's really cool that some people are really catching on the trend uh please consider donating here go to this tweet uh you can support the developer by buying a coffee or more so yup [Music] this was so much harder than wordle especially since there is no way to get sense of scale so as you can see here you there are a lot of people who are just trying to guess that um um yep so that's interesting so if you really like geography or you want to you know learn the positions of the countries might be your kids could try to use this app it's actually super fun so there is already wardell absolute squirtle app where you need to get forwards in a row and there is this another one so it's a new trend anyways hope you find it really enjoying

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