WowKit - Creative widgets - app overview

WowKit - Creative widgets - app overview Have you heard about WowKit? It's an iOS 14 and superior app that provides you with many iPhone beautification tools. You can design a unique home screen with custom widget styles, personality, icon packs, aesthetic home screen themes, and more. Let's take a closer look at WowKit and see how it works. Firstly, to install the app, double click on it. Although it doesn't have many ratings yet, it's already high in the charts. Once you've installed the app, you can open it up and see what it offers. Depending on what you want to install, there are many options, such as lock screen, trending widgets, photos, countdowns, tools, and themes. You can install the whole theme together or individual widgets, wallpapers, and tools. After installing your preferred widgets or themes, let's learn how to add them to the home screen. To add widgets to the home screen, tap and hold, tap the plus icon in the top right corner, and search for WowKit widgets. Then, select the small widget, medium, large, small music, music widget, or other widget, depending on where you want to install it. Finally, click the 'add widget' button to add it to your home screen. But our work is not done yet. To set up the background in a transparent mode, you will need to do it manually. Once completed, tap and hold, click 'add widget,' select the widget that you want to install, and then you can see it being contained like a transparent background. With WowKit, you can share your widgets with friends too. There are many different shortcuts available in 'my widgets'. You can add all your widgets or themes to your account for future use. It's a great app to help you create an extraordinary home screen for your iPhone that is beautiful, fun, and unique. In summary, WowKit is a fantastic app that provides you with the tools to let your creativity shine by giving your iPhone a unique look. With its customization features and various widgets, you can express your personality by creating a beautiful home screen. Try it out and see what you think!

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