Wowly app - what is it?

Here's an interesting app called Wobbly, who wove wonderfully. It just has just a few ratings, but today it climbed to the top 100 charts in the social networking in US app store. So I was just curious, what's the idea of this app? Is it legit or is this like one big scammy app? Like you know, as there are a lot of these apps in social networking, so you can just sign in with Apple, and then you can just continue.

And that's basically, you just create your account from here, and then you can just upload a photo, name, age, then you can just skip that if you don't want, if you just wanted to discover it, then you just get like 30 coins. And then, okay, so then you can just randomly match these video calls with people, as you can see, yeah, there are currently just like 33 users on the app, and then you can also just see the feed, then you can also see the messages, and then you can just see your profile.

So that's what it is. However, as I can see right now, this app doesn't look that legit. You should be quite careful when using this app. If you try to use it and you receive a lot of messages, it can be bots or AI bots, it's quite, you know, like not that complicated these days to do it. Then if you don't like, you can just go to settings and delete your account from this app. So, but yeah, if you want to just have fun, you can of course have fun with this app, but just again, be careful, because yeah, a lot of these apps are just, you know, built easily, quickly, and they're just being pumped up to the app store for a few weeks, and then they just basically disappear. So that's what it is.

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