Wyze app doesn’t work, buggy

The Wyze app encountered issues recently, with many users experiencing bugs and outages. According to a video transcript, several users reported that Wyze security cameras went offline due to an outage. This disruption restricted access to the app for a period of time.

During the outage, affected users turned to resources like Down Detector to check on the status of the Wyze app. Reports on the platform indicated significant problems with Wyze devices and services. However, it appears that the issue has been addressed, and the app is now operational again.

The root cause of the problem seems to be a issue with an AWS partner that impacted device connectivity and led to login difficulties for Wyze users. The team is working to resolve the issue in collaboration with AWS to ensure a smoother user experience moving forward. Following previous incidents, this recent episode underscores the importance of maintaining stable and reliable tech infrastructure.

Here is a summary of the notable points raised in the video transcript:

  • Wyze security cameras faced an outage, causing access issues for users.
  • Down Detector showed a significant outage related to Wyze app.
  • The problem was attributed to an issue with an AWS partner.
  • Steps are being taken to address the connectivity and login problems.
  • The app has experienced similar incidents in the past but is now functional again.

As the tech team continues to improve the app's stability, users can expect a smoother Wyze app experience in the future.

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