X app on my phone - what is it?

So, if you suddenly open up your home screen and see the X app on your iPhone, you might be wondering what it is. You never installed this app and have no idea what it does. Before you panic, let me tell you that the X app is actually the former Twitter app.

In case you've been out of the news loop, Elon Musk acquired Twitter almost a year ago and decided to rebrand the app. Hence, it is now called the X app. The rebranding process is still ongoing, so you will still see some features and tweets from Twitter. However, the app's name and logo have changed to X.

If you have auto-updates enabled in your iPhone settings, the Twitter app would have automatically updated and transformed into the X app. This is the reason for the sudden change on your home screen. But don't worry, not much has changed in terms of functionality. You can still use it like the former Twitter app.

While the app retains some Twitter features and mentions of Twitter, its goal is to evolve into more than just a social media platform. The plan is for it to become an all-in-one app, similar to China's WeChat. With the X app, you'll be able to do more than just post on social media. You can manage your finances, send money, watch videos, listen to music, send direct messages, make video calls, and much more.

If you were attached to the Twitter brand but still want to use the X app, you do have an option. You can change the app icon to the Twitter icon using the Shortcuts app. This way, it will appear as the Twitter app with the familiar logo and name. If you're interested, you can try setting up a shortcut to achieve this.

So, for those who were wondering about the X app on their phones, that's the story. It's simply the former Twitter app undergoing a rebranding process. While the name and logo have changed, the functionality remains largely the same. However, the X app aims to become an all-encompassing platform in the future. Whether you decide to keep it or not is entirely up to you.

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