YEPP app - is it legit? Can you earn revenue with MEMES?

here's Yap me maker app and yeah it's quite trending app and the whole point is that you can make memes and earn some Revenue so definitely you can jump on this train and explore the opportunities so just digging through it a bit of course there are ads in this app but what it says here right now is that you can earn by inviting friends uh you can earn by daily rewards just by going into the app and you know opening the app every day or you can create memes and then earn in-app prices for every 10 000 views on the on the app uh and yeah yep rewards you for average hundreds of views of your memes create a viral meme to earn big enough prices and then how to withdraw just uh there is yep coin which is 100 yep coins is one usdt which holds the same Wireless as US dollars so yeah remember that's 100 yep coins one USD and then you just need to create trc20 wallet and withdraw your money you need to have at least thousand yep coins to withdraw so thousand yep coins is like 10 bucks uh so yeah I think that's a pretty good uh ratio here so I just log into app two times and I have already 14 yep coins I posted two memes so one Meme got like uh I know you can go to analytics and see so it got like 18 views so you need to post like uh for the meme to have at least thousand or ten thousand views but a hundred uh yep coins is uh or thousand yep coins it's it's not something very far away so on other apps to to earn even like one dollar you need to submit like you know hundreds of this q a polls or reviews or something like that to get like a ten dollar PayPal gift card here seems It's not that complicated maybe it's just a promotion where they release their app so also you can invite friends uh feel free to use uh to use my code so here you can see it in the bottom uh so here you just see four uh RPA s u s e uh and then you can just use this link uh yeah if you if you create an account or anything like that um so so yeah there you have that's the idea um and then you just swipe through the memes you can see the trend in memes and create a new one some memes getting like you know hundreds of likes other gets like three likes so that's the idea here then you just have your account like this then you have your settings you can edit your profile uh uh in white settings Appeals so yeah something like that uh yeah so that's the app basically I don't know I didn't withdraw yet I don't know if it's actually possible uh possible to actually earn like 100 here on this app what is the process and all of that but yeah definitely give a try to it and uh see if it can be helpful

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