You can still track Real-Time users with Universal Google Analytics

If you have been using Google Analytics, you might have noticed that the universal Google Analytics property no longer tracks your audience, page views, goals, or any other metrics. However, there is one important feature that still works with universal Google Analytics - tracking real-time users.

In a video transcript by an expert in the field, it is explained that although the universal Google Analytics property may not provide comprehensive insights into your website's performance, it still allows you to monitor real-time user activity. This means that if you are specifically interested in tracking your website's current visitors, you can still rely on universal Google Analytics to provide you with the necessary data. This can be beneficial for certain use cases or when you require immediate insights into your website's activity.

However, if you want to access other metrics such as users, views, or sessions, you will need to switch to GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics. GA4 offers a different approach to real-time tracking compared to the universal Google Analytics property. Instead of providing a detailed breakdown of individual page views, GA4 groups them together based on the last 30 minutes and displays different numbers and groupings.

There are pros and cons to both approaches. Some users find it more convenient to use the real-time functionality of the universal Google Analytics property. With this, you can easily see which pages are currently being viewed on your website. In contrast, GA4 provides a more limited view of real-time data, focusing primarily on a few top pages rather than providing a comprehensive overview.

Ultimately, the choice between universal Google Analytics and GA4 depends on your specific needs and preferences. If real-time user tracking is of utmost importance to you, the universal Google Analytics property still has its merits. However, if you require a wider range of metrics and are willing to adapt to the new grouping system, GA4 might be a better fit for your analytical needs.

As technology evolves, it is essential to stay informed about the changes in software and tools that impact your business. Keeping up with the latest updates and trends in analytics can help you make informed decisions and optimize your website's performance.

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