You can withdraw your Worldcoin grants again

Users can now withdraw their WorldCoin grants without any issues. Recently, there was a bug that caused problems during the withdrawal process. Some users reported that the system was stuck at either "processing" or "claiming," rendering them unable to proceed further. This glitch, linked to a blockchain issue, frustrated many for nearly a week.

Fortunately, the problem has now been rectified, and users are once again able to withdraw their WorldCoin grants. According to reports on Reddit, individuals have successfully processed their withdrawals and have shared positive feedback about the fixed system.

In summary:

  • WorldCoin grants can be withdrawn smoothly now.
  • The bug causing the processing and claiming issues has been resolved.
  • Users are confirming that they have received their grants and are sharing their successful withdrawal experiences.

This update brings a sigh of relief to WorldCoin users who were facing withdrawal difficulties. The prompt resolution of the issue showcases the platform's commitment to providing a seamless user experience.

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