You CAN’t delete eggs or pets in Widgetable…

In a recent video transcript, it is pointed out that users of the Widgetable app are unable to delete eggs or pets. While this functionality may be inconvenient for some users, it is important to understand the reasons behind this limitation. Unfortunately, the transcript does not provide any insights into the exact rationale for this feature omission.

However, the video does share an alternative solution for dealing with unwanted pets in the Widgetable app. Users can apply a filter to hide their pets from view, and then proceed to select the desired pet and access the options menu by tapping on the three dots icon. From there, the user can choose the "overwrite" option, which essentially puts the pet into a dormant state. While in a dormant state, the user can still interact with the pet, but it remains inactive until it is awakened.

The video goes on to explain that waking up a dormant pet is a simple process. The user can tap on the option to wake it up, thereby reactivating the pet. This method allows users to retain their pets while keeping them temporarily inactive. However, it is important to note that this is not a permanent deletion of the pet, but rather a way of making it dormant when it is not needed.

Similar to pets, the Widgetable app does not provide a straightforward option to delete eggs either. The video transcript mentions that the ability to delete eggs is also not available, even if the user possesses a large number of them. While this might be frustrating for users who have accumulated a significant quantity of eggs, the video does not offer any further explanations for this limitation.

On a positive note, the transcript does include a helpful tip for users looking to obtain a free egg. Users can utilize a specific code to receive a free egg within the app. Although this does not solve the issue of being unable to delete eggs, it does provide an opportunity for users to acquire additional eggs for their collection.

In conclusion, the Widgetable app currently lacks the ability to delete eggs or pets. While this may be a limitation that frustrates some users, the app does offer a workaround by allowing users to make their pets dormant or hidden through filtering. Additionally, the app provides a code that users can input to receive a free egg. Despite these workarounds, there is still no permanent solution for deleting eggs or pets within the Widgetable app at this time.

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