You can’t download ten ten app on Android

The 10.10 app for Android is not yet available, but interested users can already pre-register for it. By pre-registering, users will receive a notification once the app is finally released on the Android platform. Typically, when apps have a pre-register button, it indicates that the development is almost complete, suggesting that the app's Android version should be out in the near future, possibly within a few weeks to a maximum of one to two months.

On iOS, the process is similar. Upon tapping the pre-register button, users on iOS usually have to wait for a few months before the app becomes available on Android. As of now, the 10.10 app is not accessible on Android. Despite this, the app seems to be gaining significant attention, even though it is essentially a walkie-talkie app. It's worth noting that if your friends are using the app and you have an Android device, you will not be able to utilize it.

In summary, the 10.10 app is currently unavailable for Android users, but pre-registration is open to receive updates on its release. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the availability of this app on the Android platform.

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