You can’t have unlimited friends even with Locket GOLD subscription

So, here is Locket Gold, and it appears that even with a Locket Gold subscription, you can't have unlimited friends for some reason. As you can see here, there are two friends, but there is still a limitation displayed at the top, stating "two out of twenty friends." It seems that there is some kind of restriction even with a Locket Gold subscription.

I must mention that when Locket Gold premium was initially released, it allowed for unlimited friends with a gold subscription. However, now it seems that even with a gold subscription, it is not possible to have an unlimited number of friends. It seems that Locket has been experimenting with and removing this feature.

It's unclear why Locket has made this change, and users may be disappointed to discover that the unlimited friends option is no longer available even with a paid subscription. Nevertheless, it is important to note that tech companies frequently make changes and adjustments to their offerings based on user feedback and business strategies.

As the tech industry is constantly evolving, it is not uncommon for companies to experiment with different features and subscription models. Users should keep in mind that limitations or changes to subscription plans are not exclusive to Locket; many other companies also refine their offerings over time.

However, it is essential for companies to communicate any changes or limitations clearly to their users to avoid confusion and frustration. Transparency is key in maintaining a positive user experience.

In conclusion, Locket Gold subscription does not provide unlimited friends, despite initial promises. It seems that Locket has chosen to remove this option, possibly as part of their ongoing experimentation and refinement of their service. Users should be aware of these changes and manage their expectations accordingly.

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