You can’t use Revolut under 18 with Apple Pay…

Can you use Revolut under 18 with Apple Pay? That seems to be a frequently asked question among young users and their parents. In a recent video transcript, it was discovered that Revolut does not currently allow users under 18 to utilize Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Upon navigating to the under 18 section of the Revolut app, it becomes apparent that children using Revolut will need to rely on their physical card rather than mobile payment options. It appears that kids can only withdraw money from their Revolut under 18 card, which is a separate card specifically designed for underage users, and only at ATMs.

When attempting to add their Revolut under 18 cards to Apple Pay, it proved to be an impossible feat. It is likely that Apple Pay has implemented an age restriction that prevents users under 18 from utilizing the platform. This can be disappointing news for young users who wish to partake in the convenience of digital transactions.

As a result, the only way for children to access and use their Revolut under 18 card is by utilizing physical transactions at ATMs. Similar to any other standard card, a pin code will be required for transactions. This physical card can be ordered from within a separate menu within the Revolut app.

While it can be frustrating for young users to be unable to use Apple Pay or Google Pay with their Revolut under 18 cards, it is important to consider the rationale behind this restriction. Age restrictions are designed to protect young users and prevent unauthorized transactions. By relying on physical cards and ATM transactions, Revolut ensures a secure and controlled financial environment for minors.

As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, it is possible that Revolut or other financial service providers may explore ways to enhance the digital payment experience for underage users. However, for now, the limitation remains in place, and young users will need to rely on traditional banking methods when using their Revolut under 18 cards.

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