You still need to use orb to claim Worldcoin….

The recent news surrounding Worldcoin has left many individuals searching for answers. A video transcript has surfaced, shedding light on the continued necessity of using the orb to claim Worldcoin. Despite extensive research, it remains evident that there is no way to claim Worldcoin without utilizing the orb platform. The limited availability of orb has sparked frustration among users, with questions arising as to why more orbs are not accessible and the reasons behind this restriction.

The speaker in the transcript expresses their annoyance at the current state of affairs, emphasizing the lack of clarity surrounding the orb requirement. The restricted access to claiming Worldcoin through orb is deemed inconvenient and perplexing. This predicament has raised concerns about the feasibility of accessing Worldcoin in various regions, as the list of supported countries remains stagnant, providing limited options for interested individuals.

Key points highlighted in the video transcript include:

  • The reliance on orb for claiming Worldcoin is mandatory
  • The unavailability of alternatives to orb for claiming Worldcoin
  • Limited access to claiming Worldcoin in only a few countries
  • Lack of expansion in the list of supported countries
  • Confusion regarding the discrepancy in orb availability among different regions

The implications of this ongoing situation are significant, as individuals are left with few options but to adhere to the current orb requirement. The issue of orb exclusivity for claiming Worldcoin raises questions about accessibility and inclusivity within the cryptocurrency space. As the situation continues to unfold, users are eagerly awaiting updates and potential resolutions to address these concerns.

In conclusion, the reliance on orb to claim Worldcoin presents a notable hurdle for individuals seeking to engage with this emerging digital asset. The limitations imposed by the current orb requirement underscore the complexities and challenges within the cryptocurrency landscape, prompting discussions on the need for greater accessibility and transparency moving forward.

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