You’ll get at least this over 12 months - Worldcoin app

In the world of digital currencies, the Worldcoin app has recently introduced a new feature that promises additional benefits to its users. In a recent video transcript, the app developers explain how they are offering users the opportunity to claim additional grants if they verify their accounts within a specified timeframe.

The transcript mentions that users will receive these additional benefits over a period of 12 months. The app encourages users to take advantage of this offer by verifying their accounts before a specific date. By doing so, users will be able to claim the extra grants.

To qualify for these grants, users need to either find an orb near their location or travel to one. However, the transcript notes that orbs may be scarce, unfortunately. Nevertheless, for those lucky enough to come across an orb, or those willing to travel to one, the extra grants will serve as a valuable reward.

Once users have located or traveled to an orb, they can proceed with the verification process. After completing the verification, they will be able to claim the additional grants. The transcript suggests that the grants can be in the form of web3 cash, offering users a digital asset that can be utilized within the Worldcoin app ecosystem.

According to the transcript, the faster users verify their accounts, the more money they will receive. This implies that the app is implementing a tiered system, granting higher amounts to those who take immediate action.

It is worth noting that these additional grants are in addition to the existing grants already available within the Worldcoin app. While the transcript does not provide specific details about these existing grants, it hints that users can expect a substantial benefit by claiming the supplementary grants.

In conclusion, the Worldcoin app has introduced a new feature that offers users the chance to claim extra grants. By verifying their accounts within the specified timeframe and either locating or traveling to an orb, users can receive web3 cash and potentially enjoy significant financial rewards. It is essential for interested users to act swiftly to maximize their benefits.

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