Your Apple ID cannot end in - error message - what is it?

Are you having trouble creating a new Apple ID and receiving an error message that says, "Apple ID cannot end in - choose a different email address"? You're not alone! In this blog post, we'll explain why you can't use an iCloud email address to create a new Apple ID and what alternative email addresses you can use.

The video transcript mentioned that the error message may seem weird, but there is a valid reason behind it. Apple does not allow users to create an Apple ID using an iCloud email address because it can cause confusion with Apple's iCloud services, which are linked to iCloud email addresses. Therefore, to avoid any mix-ups, Apple requires users to choose a different email address when creating a new Apple ID.

If you're wondering what email addresses you can use, the answer is quite simple. Any email address, other than an iCloud email address, will work. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other commonly-used email services are all acceptable email addresses to use when creating a new Apple ID.

It's important to note that using a work email address with your company's domain name may or may not work. It may depend on whether or not the email service is compatible with Apple's system.

In conclusion, if you receive an error message telling you that your Apple ID cannot end in, don't worry! The solution is straightforward. Use any other email address, such as Gmail or Outlook, to create your new Apple ID. Happy apple-ID-making!

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