“Your friend will definitely prefer to see your face” BeReal

Sometimes in BeReal, you may come across a message that says, "Your friends will definitely prefer to see your face." You may wonder why this statement is displayed. Well, in BeReal, when you're capturing a photo in a dimly lit environment, for instance, a dark room, you might notice this message. However, it's important to note that your BeReal will still be posted without any issues.

The primary reason behind this message is that BeReal emphasizes the preference for users to share Bureals showcasing real faces. The app encourages users to share authentic moments and genuine expressions. While the message may appear at times, it does not hinder your ability to post your Bureal.

So, why does BeReal prefer real faces? The intention is to foster a more personal and human connection among friends and users of the app. By showcasing real faces, users can have a more meaningful experience and feel a stronger sense of connection with their friends.

It's essential to keep in mind that BeReal is a platform for capturing and sharing genuine moments. The app aims to create an environment where users can express themselves authentically without relying on filters or masks. However, even if you decide to post a Bureal that doesn't show your face, it will still be shared with your friends.

In conclusion, while you may occasionally encounter the message stating that your friends will prefer to see your face on BeReal, it's simply a reminder of the app's emphasis on real faces and genuine moments. Your Bureals will continue to be posted, allowing you to connect with your friends and express yourself freely.

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