“Your Locket Recap is Ready” - what is Locket Recap? How to use

so if you have look at widget app installed then you might receive this notification your locket recap is ready so what is locket recap so here you can see uh okay for me it says not enough followers it looks like it didn't take many photos during this time in order to make a recap video you need to have taken at least four photos so basically locket recap is kind of like a Spotify wrapped are just like a summary of all lockets you send in your history and it will just generate a video thank you so if you receive this notification you can just tap and lock it recap and then you will easily see the video of all lockets you send during that month and then you can share that video on tick tock on Snapchat Instagram and then you can edit or remove some photo from there and it's like a nice looking vertical video summary of all photos you sent received during specific months and also in the end of the year they just create locket recap for the end of the year so that's basically the idea of locket recap that's how it works

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