Your NGL LINK DOESN’t work? What to do?

Hello, everyone. So here is NGL app. Let's just explore why, for example, your NGL link can't work or why you can't share on Instagram stories, which box can there be. First, make sure that you created an account and you have a correct Instagram lin. So it should be Instagram username.

Now, as I have found out, you can share this link of course everywhere even on Instagram account which has other username. So that should work fine. But if you created one account with one link then deleted this account, for example, here you can delete it and then you created another link and you shared the first link, all those responses will come to the first link.

The second link, people just won't get any responses. Just make sure that your link is correct first. Then when sharing, just tap on share and then go through the tutorial here. So you need to do all the steps. Now, let's just go through together, so share it on Instagram. Make sure you have Instagram app open and then make sure to add the link.

You can't share just this template. If I just share this story without a link, nothing will happen and people won't be able to submit a link from your story. So don't share it yet. If you're on this tab and it still says "past your link here," it means it's not finished yet, you need to tap on the sticker in the top part and then you need to search for link button like a link sticker.

And from here, you need to go and copy the link. Link is copied and then you can just go and pass here and then just tap done. And then after that, you will see this button appearing on your Instagram story, and then you can just move it around. It's better to move it closer to the arrows so your friends and viewers exactly see where to click.

And then you can just share, so right now, yes, you can tap to share. Here, when you're sharing, make sure to share your story, and then you can see sharing options. Maybe you can also share it to Facebook and stuff but it just depends on you.

Also if you select close friends, share it to close friends, you see the green star icon. Just be careful because maybe you have only like three people in your close friends and it won't be enough to receive a message. That's just basically shared to your story, you can also add it to highlights, you can send it to your friends.

And then you will see your story appearing here, you can just double-check it and now here is your story. And then you can tap on the link to just double-check it if it's working. And then, yes, that's your link and that should work.

In this stage, just double-check that, so that's the same link. It's similar to what you have here, NGL.linker/your username. Because if these two links are different, it means that something is broken and you won't be able to receive messages in the app. Because some people are reporting that there are some bugs and there's a shared link a lot, but they don't get any messages.

Also, I think what could be the conversion rate? I think at least like 30-50 friends need to see your story for you to get a reply. On average, for example, I shared my story like 30 friends seen it, and then I received like three replies. So for every 10 friends who see your story, on average, it depends on your friends. You can expect to receive one message.

If only five friends seen it, probably you won't get a message. But that's not the bug, that's just like the thing that not a lot of your friends seen it because some of the people will be confused, some of the people will be afraid to send a message, and all of that. Maybe it's not like a technical error on the app that just you need to share it to more people.

Yes, that's I guess what you can do to share a link to your Instagram story. Then you can add this story, you can add it to the highlight in the bottom right section. You can just add it to the highlight so it appears in your profile, and then you can add it to your bio.

Just tap Edit profile and add it to your website section of your Instagram bio. And then you are like you're guaranteed, you will get some messages and all of that. Other than that, I hope it was helpful. Thank you for watching.

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