Your SnapScore increases when friends and groups view your snaps

Snapchat users may have noticed the mysterious number next to their profile known as Snap Score. This number represents the total activity on the platform, including interactions with friends, groups, and stories. When friends and groups view your snaps, your Snap Score increases, along with other activities such as viewing their snaps or adding to stories.

Here is a breakdown of how your Snap Score is calculated:

  • 6 snaps sent or viewed
  • 3 snaps received
  • 27 snaps added to stories

To view your Snap Score, simply tap on your profile and locate the number displayed below your QR code. While some users may not pay much attention to their Snap Score, it serves as a metric for engagement and activity on the platform.

There have been speculations about Snapchat possibly phasing out the Snap Score feature, but as of now, it remains a visible part of the Snapchat experience. The question of who holds the highest Snap Score still lingers, as the platform keeps user scores private.

As Snapchat continues to evolve and introduce new features, the concept of Snap Score adds a gamified element to the user experience. Stay tuned for further updates on Snapchat features and insights into the world of social media metrics.

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