Your Talkie bot is under review, please try again later

The latest talkie bot app, Toki, seems to be facing some hurdles. According to a recent video transcript, users who have created a bot on Toki are encountering a roadblock where their bots are placed under review and deemed ineligible for public use. The message received states, "Your Toki is under review, please try again later."

One notable issue that arises from this review process is the inability to edit the bot during the review period. Once a user has submitted their chat bot creation, any necessary changes or adjustments are put on hold until the review is complete. This limitation can be frustrating for those who want to refine and improve their bots during the early stages.

Unfortunately, the video transcript does not provide specific details about the duration of the review process. So users who are anxiously waiting for their bots to be approved will have to exercise patience. It is uncertain how long the reviewing phase typically lasts.

Despite this setback, users still have the option to share their bots, even if they are under review. This allows for collaboration and feedback from other Toki users, making the most out of the situation while waiting for the final approval.

As Toki continues to refine its review process, it is essential for users to stay updated on any changes or improvements the app makes. By keeping an eye on Toki's official channels and documentation, users can ensure they are aware of any developments that may impact their projects.

In conclusion, while the Toki app provides a platform for creating chat bots, the current review process presents some challenges for users. The need to wait for the review to be completed before making any further edits can be frustrating. However, users can still engage with the Toki community by sharing their bots and seeking valuable feedback. Hopefully, Toki will streamline its review process, ensuring a smoother experience for its users in the future.

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