YouTube channel advanced features - video verification - overview & how to do it

If you're looking to access advanced features for your YouTube channel, such as uploading more videos, doing more live streams, or applying for monetization, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you'll need to confirm your phone number. After that, you can choose to either undergo video review, have a two-month upload history, or verify your identity with a government ID.

Video review is a fairly straightforward process, although it's not guaranteed to be approved. The approval process typically takes around 24 hours. To get started, go to your YouTube channel and click on the requirements tab. From there, you can begin the video verification process. Once approved, you'll gain access to a range of advanced features, including appealing content ID claims, creating more live streams, uploading additional videos and live streams, and adding external links.

The process of video verification itself is relatively simple. You'll need to scan a QR code or visit a specific URL. This link will open in your browser and prompt you to grant access to your camera. You'll then see your face on the camera screen. To complete the verification, simply move your face closer or farther away from the camera until the border turns green. After that, slowly tilt your head up and look directly into the camera. Once you've finished, it will take approximately 24 hours for your verification to be approved.

It's worth noting that if you delete your video during this process, you won't be able to access the advanced YouTube features. You'll either need to build up your YouTube channel's history, try the video verification process again, or verify your identity using another method such as a government ID.

Don't forget to use the email address associated with your YouTube channel when going through the video verification process. It's a relatively short process, lasting about 20 seconds, but the actual review and approval time takes around 24 hours. Compared to other platforms that require video verification, YouTube's process seems to be relatively quick and streamlined.

So, if you're eager to access advanced features for your YouTube channel, make sure to follow these steps and complete the video verification process. With a little patience, you'll soon have access to a range of exciting new features to enhance your YouTube experience.

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