YouTube membership RE-JOIN - what does it mean?

If you're a creator on YouTube and you regularly check your analytics in YouTube Studio, you may have noticed a section labeled "Members." Within this section, you can see that some members are listed as "joined" and others as "rejoined." But what exactly does it mean when a member rejoins?

The concept is quite simple - when a member joins your channel, cancels their membership, and then decides to join again, it is labeled as "rejoined" in your analytics. So essentially, it indicates that a member has returned after previously canceling their subscription.

Interestingly, many creators have noticed a significant number of members rejoining their channels. The reason behind this can be attributed to YouTube's aggressive promotion of rejoin ads. Users on platforms like Reddit have expressed their annoyance with these ads as they frequently encounter them after canceling a subscription to a channel.

Even those who are premium subscribers and should be exempt from such ads do not seem to be spared from YouTube's attempt to encourage rejoining. While this persistent push by YouTube may be seen as irritating by some, it appears to be an effective strategy as a large number of users opt to rejoin channels they previously canceled.

So the next time you find yourself perusing your YouTube analytics in YouTube Studio and come across members labeled as "rejoined," you now know exactly what it means.

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