YouTube Studio mobile app - CUTS THE TITLE, I can’t read the video title…

In a recent video transcript, a YouTuber expressed frustration with the YouTube Studio mobile app. The issue at hand pertains to the truncation of video titles within the app. For video creators who have longer titles, this can pose a problem, as the full title is not visible.

Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the truncation occurs without any option to view the complete title. This particular issue seems to have arisen following a recent update to the app. Disappointingly, there are no alternatives provided, such as a smaller font size, to tackle this problem. The limited visibility can be quite bothersome for content creators with numerous videos sporting similar titles, making it confusing to find specific ones.

To work around the restricted title visibility, the YouTuber suggests a temporary solution. They start by visually checking a portion of the title before searching for it using specific keywords. Although not ideal, this method can help locate the desired video in the absence of complete title visibility. However, it is important to note that this workaround solely applies to viewing the full title on the mobile app interface. Switching to the desktop version or accessing the app on a laptop offers an unobstructed view of the entire video title.

The YouTuber concludes by requesting any helpful hints or alternative solutions from their audience. Perhaps other users have discovered a workaround or potential fix for this issue that they can share.

As of now, content creators using the YouTube Studio mobile app are left with limited options when it comes to viewing video titles. It remains to be seen if YouTube will address this concern in future updates. Until then, the inconvenience of truncated titles continues to pose a challenge for mobile app users who rely on quick and easy access to their videos.

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