YouTube - URLS in Shorts comments & descriptions will be not clickable soon

Starting on August 31st, YouTube will no longer allow clickable URLs in Shorts comments and descriptions. This change is being made to mitigate spam and protect the YouTube community. If you see a notification in YouTube Studio about this, it means that URLs in Shorts, Comments, and Shorts Descriptions will no longer be clickable.

Shorts on YouTube are similar to videos on TikTok and have gained immense popularity, often reaching millions of views. This feature has made it easier for creators to share shorter content and engage with their audience in a more concise format. However, this popularity has also attracted individuals who attempt to promote scammy or spam-related content.

To address this issue, YouTube has decided to introduce non-clickable links in Shorts, Comments, and Shorts Descriptions. While this change may inconvenience some users who genuinely use URLs to share valuable information, it aims to create a safer environment for the YouTube community.

It's important to note that this change only applies to URLs placed in Shorts, Comments, and Shorts Descriptions. All other links on YouTube will still be clickable. This includes channel profile links, links in long-form video comments and descriptions, URLs in YouTube live chat, mentions, and hashtags in Shorts, Comments, and Shorts Descriptions. These elements that are not actual links, such as mentions, will continue to function as usual.

Additionally, links associated with the YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program, Shorts Green Screen, and Remix Attribution will also remain clickable. This means that creators can still include these types of links within their Shorts content.

YouTube is continuously working to enhance the user experience and promote a safe environment for its community. The introduction of non-clickable links in Shorts, Comments, and Shorts Descriptions is part of these ongoing efforts. By implementing this change, YouTube aims to reduce spam and prevent harmful content from spreading.

As this change will be rolled out gradually, it may take some time before you notice the non-clickable feature on the platform. However, it is essential for creators and users to be aware of this new development and adjust their content accordingly.

In conclusion, YouTube's decision to make URLs in Shorts comments and descriptions non-clickable is aimed at protecting its community from spam and scam attempts. While this change may affect some users, it is a step toward creating a safer and more reliable platform for all YouTube creators and viewers.

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