Zenly is shutting down! What are the alternatives? whoo app, life360, Snap map

hey there so zenly app social map app is shutting down on February 3rd um so yeah a lot of people actually like this app a lot um and yeah it's a sad day for a lot of users it has like 30 million users it was acquired by Snapchat and Snapchat initially like just developed their own product which is called Snap map and probably is I just don't want like you know zenly to take in dragging out some of the users which can just use snap map but what are alternatives to to zenly at the moment if you don't want to have your like social mapping in Snapchat so there is one app which is like quite promising it's it's Wu called who location sharing app it's growing quite quickly recently so until February start it's it's really skyrocketing in charge already it's already number 35 there um so I guess that would be the top uh alternative and yeah it's I don't know it's not that great at all yet but it's a it's a it's in the beginner stages uh and yeah you can see some basic functions the same as you have in zenly app you can see your friends uh you can message friends you can see your profile you can see who France who watched you uh who looked at your profile you can add friends you can message here you can also have a ghost mode where they can there is a blurred location uh and yeah it's like there are settings um there is a active development schedule however this this app I'm not sure is it like Chinese or Japanese or uh but yeah uh that's basically the idea um so yeah so yeah I think it's it's being developed very rapidly and a lot of features are coming and it's a free app so definitely give it a try there are about there were a bunch of other apps but they eventually they didn't make it it's like in the top 100 list and there were either bugs or like the apps were just like uh not there yet um so yeah definitely recommend that if you just want an app for um just checking out where your clothes people are on the map then you should check out Live 360 which is one of the top apps but it's not like social map it's just more for tracking your family and friends and discovering where where they are but again it will be probably also one of the top competitors to to zenly and alternatives to Stanley and uh to snap map and it's pretty Advanced app it has a lot of features super developed so you can try it out but it doesn't have that like Snapchat wipe zenly Vibe so if you need that probably try out who app um so yeah uh of course then there is snap map in Snapchat which you can use but other than that I would suggest you to try out these apps other than that if there is something else uh yeah on the blocks I I will just make an overview but seems yeah uh there is not yet another cool app which can completely replace deadly hope that is helpful

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