Zoplo app - Post. Vote. Debate - how to use

Here's an interesting app called Zoplo - Post. Vote. Debate. This app offers a fun social polling experience that has been gaining popularity in certain countries. While it might not yet be viral on platforms like TikTok, it's steadily climbing up the charts.

Zoplo allows you to poll your friends, neighbors, and even the wider world on various hot topics or just for fun. For example, you can debate whether AI taking over the world or global poverty is the bigger issue. The app lets you personalize your poll feeds, settle debates, celebrate similarities, and even climb up the leaderboard.

To get started with Zoplo, simply install the app and tap on "Sign Up". You can choose to sign in with Apple or use other available options. Once you've created an account, you'll be prompted to allow notifications. From there, you can explore different types of polls and spend some time scrolling through them. It's worth noting that the initial responses tend to receive a higher percentage of votes.

Zoplo offers features like browsing, searching, and accessing your profile. You can see the polls you've voted in and posted. If you want to create your own poll, simply tap on "Create a Zop". You can add tags, select interests, and even upload a profile picture. After typing your question, just hit "Post" and your Zop will be shared with others.

Beyond the basic functionality, the app also provides account settings where you can customize your preferences. These settings include options to delete your account, add a profile picture, and manage permissions.

Within Zoplo, you have the opportunity to gather followers and get your polls noticed. Creating your own polls can be a fun way to engage with others and spark interesting debates. The app allows for various categories of polls, such as travel and lifestyle, among others.

In summary, Zoplo is a social polling app that enables you to post, vote, and engage in debates. By participating in polls and creating your own, you can connect with others and explore a wide range of topics. So why not give Zoplo a try and see how it adds a new layer of fun and interaction to your social experience?

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