Are there bots in NGL app? Bot questions

i'm just going here through the reviews of viral ngl app and a lot of people are mentioning that they have suspicions are actually bots on this app i just wanted to try and post the link on my private story with zero friends still getting anonymous messages one even when nobody views my link a lot of people just having the same actual reviews that it's a bit fake a bit sketchy a bit shady so uh yep but other actually uh generated questions here so if you go to your inbox uh now you can actually see that so if you update the a recent update you can see on the generated questions in the bottom there is sandwich law from team ngl so just about reply button there is this message and they just basically releasing to you that this question was sent not by a human not by your friend by a bot and even when you shared it in your private store with zero views you can get this generated question other real questions as we can see we still know don't know all the details obviously but someone submitted this on my story you will see button who sends this and then you will see some text it meaning maybe it's it's a human it's a friend who sends this and then there you have it and now you need to upgrade to ngl pro which is seven dollars per week which makes it what like almost 30 dollars per month which is you need to agree it's pretty expensive app but a lot of people are not using it for years maybe just having fun for a few months for you few weeks maximum and then that's it so that's pricing model probably makes sense but anyhow that's basically what it is i hope it's helpful and thank you for watching

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