B.A.A. Racing app overview

so here is the app uh bi racing it's official boston marathon app uh which you can download and it's the official phone home for boston marathon mba race information and tracking it is your guide to race weekend and race day so live tracking on course maps live leaderboards participant times basis estimate finish times tracking for both 126 bus market on nba 5k insurance card submission rates related information and all of that yeah so that's the cool app um maybe you can just get this app and every year it just gets updated so that's basically you can see some screenshots here you can see some tracking and that's basically how it works so yeah it takes some time to load i wish the app could be in landscape the app is really good and gets better here i hope my business here are next they could update the map so it can be viewed in a landscape so for some reason is usually some kind of bug bubbly dancing so yes this is the app this is how you can install it it's just 93 megabytes but it just takes time for the app to get installed um so yeah just for you to know probably just simple app that this app exists and yeah you can enhance your boston marathon experience

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