BOOKSY app - how to create an account?

so here's an interesting app which is called booksie booksie for customers so booksie is like a marketplace where you can book all the different appointments either haircut or [Music] like nails old bunch of like services like that um and of course many many other services um everything which can be booked regarding beauty wellness health services with local providers can be done via booksi app when you find a provider you live with you will be able to book instantly but that's not all these books you can do more you can look around use our marketplace to discover local providers near you you can book 24 7 you can get notified you can manage on the fly contactless payments and all of that so yep imagine if you need to do like a haircut instead of uh usually just you know going uh like finding a phone number like making a call like do you have the time today no i don't have do you have time to tomorrow no i don't have like when do you have time i have time there then you just agree on that then you need to go like i only accept cash and you need to withdraw cash and just pay in cash like you know i'm just describing different possible situations so this app this jacks just makes this process much easier where you can just uh hey i just booked this appointment that's it and it's paid so it's kind of like comparing taxi and uber so like managing taxi before uber was really hard uber makes it a bit easier just i think for some people at least so i think that's the idea for this app book see lets you easily find housing beauty services in your area first xiaomi services for man for example and then you can allow to give access to your contacts you can enable notifications or reminders and then that's the app so then you will see all the services personal trainer hair salon barber shop other so for example if i want to get like a personal trainer no results because yeah obviously you need to give your location and here i can just change it because i'm in europe right now so for example if i just change to us there you have all the offers where you can just book them easily and then uh you can find that uh for example i can book a personal trainer there are 19 reviews here and then you can see that the prices uh and that's like 65 dollars there is a free consultation like all of that uh um so that's the idea you can just bookmark it and you don't even need an account but then to create an account uh let's just i will use my apple id and then i can just sign in and that's about it then i need to enter a valid phone number so for that i i can just search send you the phone number for the purpose of this uh demo i will just use this app so you can also try it out it's called text now app it's actually pretty cool uh it helps you yeah with this kind of situations um so boxy app doesn't work right now oh sorry guys there is some issue here going on i'm just trying to open it up but hope it works smoothly for you i'm just want to create an account and see what the difference is when you have an account in this app and how that might work i'm just trying to use a us phone number because i'm actually not sure if this app will work outside of united states or even in canada like where will it work so i'm just trying to do that [Music] so almost there you can of course scroll this video to avoid this process yeah just so now finally i can do that so then i'll just continue with this and then i should receive a phone code ah okay so not sure if it will work for me guys but okay let's try one more time something's not working here it's like boxy app keeps reloading the session uh okay anyways hope you enjoyed like the process um yep at least that you can have an idea of this app and yeah if you use it just leave some reviews in the bottom

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