Can you add more than 20 friends in Locket widget app?

hi there so if you go to lock it widget and if you tap friends you can see that you can maximum add 20 friends uh there is a limitation so can you add more than 20 friends and locate widget so it's not possible at the moment um like yeah it's just limitation because probably just require much like stronger servers so I don't know like bigger infrastructure you can always Reach Out and ask here in the in their feedback how to you can do it um other than that you can always sign up to the locket camera in the test flight so you can just sign up for this type form um um yeah so as I'm doing right now I'm using locket camera in test flight app meaning I'm getting new features early meaning if they are releasing this feature with 20 friends you will be the first with more than 20 friends you will be the first one to get it because before it was like only limit of 10 friends and now he's 20 maybe the next one will be 100. and you will get it first if you're using test file um so that's that then if you're not happy with all of it there are alternative apps so you can uh try this app called Live status which has unlimited friends and it's kind of similar to lock it it's kind of quite trendy right now and you can add all friends from anywhere you like then there is another app like called live in which also will help you out so there you have it here is live in share your moment where you can just also add so yeah that's basically the idea uh so try these things out um yeah if you have better suggestions leave some comments below

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