Can you add more than 5 friends in Locket Widget app?

i'm here exploring locate widget app and the question is can you add more than five friends so if i just tap in top left in the front icon i can see that uh you can add five people so i have one friend uh i can add a new friend but maximum five friends and even if i send friend request there is no reply uh it already used one of the spots so just a send request already using that spot so if someone is not replying to that you can just always delete it and resend a request or just add another person but you can only add five people five friends that's the limitation at this moment i don't know uh when this limit will change or what is the roadmap so you can always just send feedback to the app developer maybe just ask here so yeah something like that maybe maybe if you ask them or a lot of people because i will ask that uh it they will put this feature somewhere on the road map hope that is helpful

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