here's look at widget app so let's just do a test a lot of people asking like if i just sign out can you sign in or sign up with your email so as you can see it is not possible to do um so uh yep it's not possible and that's that it's not possible to sign up his email is you know his apple id google facebook snapchat only phone number and that's the issue so yeah because of course like signing up create an uncut visa phone number as most developers say is the most universal way to create an account but a lot of people would also prefer an option with just email because as you can go to reviews of locate widget like for a lot of people verification sms verification text just doesn't arrive a lot of people when they add in phone number it's it can be added there is some kind of error and yes so there is some chunk of people probably there is some issue with sms verification provider in the app where yeah where this app just doesn't you you can't add your phone number so i don't know if it is in the plans to add an email here or add some additional sign in with apple id or you know with google account that can be helpful i don't know why developers are not adding that maybe might be that can increase chances of more spam accounts or not verified accounts but yeah like it is what it is at this moment you can always ask the developer team you can always reach out for support but there you have it

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