ChatGPT at capacity - how to sign up for Professional waitlist and avoid these issues?

uh hello so here is um if you have an issue with chat GPT like if you see like 3gp at full capacity you experience huge loss right now or something like that like a lot of users I experience these issues now uh yeah there is a wait list for chat GPT professional where you won't have this blackout Windows um and you won't have this like at full capacity error messages because seems there are more and more users to chat GPT it's not yet scaled enough to handle all these millions of users so probably that's the issue so um yeah so you can just uh see here uh if it's always it will be always available it will be fast responses from chat GPT and you can get as many messages as you need at least two regular daily limit if you are selected we'll reach out to you to set up payment processing pilot please keep in mind this is an early experimental program this subject to change and we are not making paid pro access generally available at this time so you just yeah this I think this you just need to follow Greg Brockman on Twitter and go to this tweet and access the form I think he is a co-founder of open AI so just go there to check out that um uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh again I'm not sure if one this will be available as you can see it's not yet there um so but at least you can sign up now you can sign up early and then if you will really need to use jgpt a lot you will make and you are selected you will avoid these full capacity issues

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