on Nostr - what is it? Quick overview

here's Oracle social client so what is that basically it's one of the typical Twitter Alternatives built on a Noster protocol I'm just exploring it but wanted to show you just worry about how it looks like uh yeah so this is how it looks like there is uh Network there is global feed and yeah let's just go through the use Master documentation so basically this is the protocol decentralized protocol uh uh that allows building through it's under super system and decentralized social media platforms this protocol is based on relays as digital servers that can be operated by anyone by opening a persistent connection with the server clients or apps can push and pull events in real time so here you don't need to create an account you can just use your public key and private key which is your password and then you just need to choose a client for the nostril protocol one of those clients is Oracle uh so yeah uh this is how it looks like then you can just go and tap login where you just create your account then you can just search for people like and then you can just follow some people like this uh so something like that and then yeah you just follow you can follow the person here it's still a bit buggy um so yeah you can see a likes you can see network uh and a lot more users are coming here to to this client um so yeah that's basically the idea uh then you have just settings shelving previews uh everything's super easy you have your keys you have relays uh relax our hubs for a content and connection at least one is required to interact with your internet where you can join as many as you like so here you can see all of this relay space on the Noster so far coracle seems to work fine for me like compared to Enigma where it says Enigma not securia do not use a private key or not if you are not okay if it's leaking so there you have it um so CMS Oracle is a bit more stable at this moment but this is just like a new emerging technology um so definitely give it a try here you can set up your username you can set up about you uh set up your profile image and that's that

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